How Much Space Do I Need for Commercial Storage?

Here are some standard size units that we offer with a description of what office or business items each might hold. If you need more help, contact Alpha Omega STOR-ALL - someone from our Storage Team will be happy to evaluate your needs and recommend an appropriate unit.

Size and Comparison What It Will Hold  
5’x5’ (25 square feet) Small Closet Small furniture, records, files
5’x10’ (50 square feet) Walk-in Closet Furniture or equipment for one or two rooms
10’x10’ (100 square feet) Average Bedroom Office furniture, file cabinets, 30-50 boxes, manufacturers’ samples, seasonal or promotional inventory, displays
10’x15’ (150 square feet) Large Bedroom Furnishings for a two bedroom apartment, appliances and many large and small boxes
10’x20’ (200 square feet) One Car Garage Office equipment and furniture, file cabinets, trade show displays, bookshelves, crated inventory
10’x25’ (250 square feet) Oversized One Car Garage Large equipment, office furniture, crated inventory, file cabinets, large boxes, pallets